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How Honda's new wind tunnel makes an IndyCar difference

Honda will use its new $124 million wind tunnel in Ohio to test and tweak race cars, including those that run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Valeo says next-gen lidar can enable Level 4

Valeo is developing a third generation of its lidar for debut in 2024 that promises a twelvefold increase in resolution, a tripling of range and a much wider viewing angle.

Resting places not so final at Ford plant site

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working to identify potential family members and relocate 19 human remains found on the site.

Automotive News named 2021 magazine of the year

Automotive News also received four other national Azbee journalism awards last week.

Hyundai Motor Group breaks from EV pack

Hyundai Motor Group has faced a long road catching up to its Japanese rivals in combustion engine technology. But it's now passing them in the race to be No. 2 behind EV king Tesla.

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